Understanding Carbon

‘Understanding Carbon’ is a training program that has been designed specifically for the Australian Vegetable Industry. The training will give growers a clearer understanding of carbon footprinting: what it means to them as a grower and a business owner, how they can prepare for carbon footprinting, and the benefits of carbon footprinting to them and their business.

Growers will also be taught about the changes they can make to ensure they have a more sustainable farm and business. The training will be delivered using in-person seminars, as well as webinars (i.e. an online presentation, with sound via teleconference), in each State.

The program has been developed as a lead in to the introduction of a carbon calculator, which is currently being developed specifically for the Australian Vegetable Industry. It’s anticipated that the online tool will be released in late 2010. This program has been funded by Horticulture Australia Limited and Woolworths with matching funds from the Federal Government.

This manual (which can be downloaded from this website) has been written as a resource to support the ‘Understanding Carbon’ training program. It provides Australian vegetable growers with all of the latest information on greenhouse gas emissions and associated carbon footprinting and management systems.

‘Understanding Carbon’ is being run as part of VG09152 Australian Vegetable Industry Carbon Footprint Tool: Grower Adoption and Education. This project supports VG09187 Australian Vegetable Industry Carbon Footprint Tool: Stage 2 (National Development and Adoption of the Tool).
The objective of the manual and the associated seminars is to provide information to growers regarding:

  • the proposed mechanism of climate change;
  • the different ways of calculating a carbon footprint;
  • on-farm carbon footprints;
  • product (vegetable) carbon footprints; and
  • trends in the international marketplace.

Download the ‘Understanding Cabon’ manual here.

‘Understanding Carbon’: Online Video Presentation

The ‘Understanding Carbon’ presentation, delivered earlier this year via seminars and webinars, is now available to view online. We have broken the presentation into three short videos, so that you can watch it at your own pace. If you would like additional information on carbon, or to follow the presentation and take notes to correspond with the slides, you can download the ‘Understanding Carbon’ manual by clicking the link above.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented here is intended for general use, to assist public knowledge and discussion and to help improve the sustainable management of land, water and vegetation. It provides general knowledge about carbon accounting and its relevance to the Australian Vegetable Industry, but is by no means an extensive reference on the topic. The presentation includes general statements based on public knowledge and/or scientific research. Viewers are advised and need to be aware that this information may be incomplete or unsuitable for use in specific situations. Before taking any action or making decisions based on the information presented here, viewers should seek expert professional, scientific and technical advice. The authors have taken all reasonable care in preparing this advice, however accept no liability resulting from the interpretation or use of the information presented.

View the video presentation here.

Understanding Carbon: Webinars

The initial series of training sessions has come to a close. But if you would like to participate in an ‘Understanding Cabon’ webinar, we will be running more in the future.

To register, please email your contact details to Arris, info@arris.com.au.