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The Vegetable Carbon Calculator Manual is a guide for vegetable growers on how to use the online tool ( It includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the Vegetable Carbon Calculator, as well as some training on how to interpret the results.

The Manual is also designed to give growers a clearer understanding of carbon footprinting: what it means to them as a grower and a business owner and how they can prepare to farm to reduce their carbon impact.

This training manual is intended as a supporting reference, to work alongside a seminar program which involves a demonstration of the Carbon Calculator and associated website. Through the training, the project aims to identify the benefits associated with growers understanding their carbon footprint and will highlight opportunities for vegetable growers. Growers will also be educated on the changes they can make to ensure their ongoing sustainability from both a business and environmental perspective.

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The Vegetable Carbon Calculator Protocol describes the specific calculation techniques employed by the Vegetable Carbon Calculator

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